The new birth of Mochi Mori as an emerging play-to-earn project in NFT gaming sector

The birth of Mochi Mori

MochiLab’s blockchain-based gaming ecosystem, with Mochi Market as the ‘heart’ — center product, is growing strongly like never before. Recently we announced a new NFT play-to-earn game project which is incubated by MochiLab named Mochi Mori. Even though we haven’t released detailed information about the project, Mochi Mori has attracted huge attention from the global crypto community with 7K active members in our Telegram, 10K supporters joining our Discord, and 12K people following our Twitter page.

Today, with all the achievements Mochi Mori has earned, we would like to give new birth to it as an independent project in MochiLab’s ecosystem. Mochi Market is still the strategic partner of Mochi Mori, which means that Mochi Mori will leverage Mochi Market user-based and technology in the ongoing & upcoming time. For your records, Mochi Market is a working multi-chain NFT marketplace with traction and users as of now and will be the all-in-one yield-&-game-service-providing hub that attracts all types of game users in the future; this is exactly the advantages Mochi Mori can have when it’s launched.

But aside from things connected to Mochi Market, Mochi Mori has its own operational & technical properties. First of all, Mochi Mori will have its own unique governance token named $MORI. The $MORI token, with the transparent tokenomics, will be used not only as the fuel in some in-game activities but more importantly as the community vote in the DAO and the say in how funds in Mochi Mori Treasury are spent.

On top of that, as an emerging project, Mochi Mori will also

  • Have its own operational & technical core team & advisor board
  • Have backers such as angel investors, Venture Capitals, prestigious crypto communities onboard
  • Organize its on Token Genesis Event with the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) / Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and $MORI token listing on exchanges (DEXes & CEXes)

MochiLab is the incubator and also the first backer of Mochi Mori. Along with that, MochiLab’s CEO Sophia Ho, who is the first advisor, will serve as interim CEO and MochiLab’s team will join Mochi Mori in the early stage to help in team set up until the core team of the project is formed. Taking the wider perspective, Mochi Mori will be the newest & full-of-ambitious puzzle in the NFT game industry. With the initial help from MochiLab, Mochi Mori envisions being a long-term player in the growing field of blockchain gaming.

Benefits for $MOMA holders

$MOMA holders will be the ones benefiting from the birth of Mochi Mori the most.

First of all, if $MOMA holders want to participate in Mochi Mori IDO/ IEO, their participation is secure as long as they hold $MOMA for a long enough period of time. We will announce the day when the $MOMA balance snapshotting starts and the snapshotting rule around a few weeks before Mochi Mori IDO / IEO. All the qualified $MOMA holders will be reserved the rights to participate in $MORI token sales (IDO/IEO) proportionally to the amount of $MOMA they hold.

Secondly, $MOMA holders will receive 5% of the platform revenue generated from Mochi Mori game. The Mochi Mori game revenue will be poured into Mochi Mori Treasury after each block and from there, 5% of this value will be redistributed back to MochiLab Treasury. All $MOMA holders can have their shares in MochiLab treasury; the shares are proportional to $MOMA holding balances

Sneak peek at Mochi Market 2.0 & the universal role of $MOMA

Mochi Market, as the ‘heart’ — center product of MochiLab, won’t stop as just the multi-chain NFT market place. The first incubated project of MochiLab will be developed to be the all-in-one yield-&-game-service providing guild. Mochi Market will be the hub for all types of blockchain game users, including gamers, traders, and investors. Mochi Market 2.0 guild will allow for

  • A scholarship aggregator integrating scholarship programs of many blockchain games in one place
  • An NFT item staking service letting game investors stake their unused items for passive income
  • An NFT item renting service allow newbie gamers to start play-to-earn at a small cost by renting items from other game users
  • A launchpad hosting primary sales of in-game NFT items from projects in MochiLab’s ecosystem (Wanaka Farm, Mochi Mori, and more) and projects partnering with Mochi Market
  • A multi-chain marketplace where in-game NFT items on multi-blockchain networks can be traded seamlessly

The upgrade of Mochi Market leads to the 2 universal of $MOMA which can bring perks for $MOMA holders

  • $MOMA holders will earn a part of the Mochi Market 2.0 platform revenue. The percentage will be determined by the community.
  • $MOMA holders will earn 5% of the combined revenue of all NFT games incubated & controlled by MochiLab, such as Mochi Mori and many more. As MochiLab gang flourishes, $MOMA holders will be thankful the most for your support of the ecosystem

Mochi.Market is the multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem for NFTs