Mori Make-a-Meme: Create great Memes and get your Mori Land NFTs & MOMA tokens

What’s more interesting than texts? They are memes.

We’re calling all Mochians’ creativity to create the best memes ever for Mochi Mori. Join Mori Make-a-Meme, be creative, and earn 3 Mori Land NFTs and $100 worth of $MOMA token in total.

Here are 3 steps to join Mori Make-a-Meme

Just anything funny that you can think of.

For example:

Don’t forget to hashtag #morimeme and #mochimori

Here’s the link directing you to the sub-channel

That’s it. Now you wait for others in Mochi Mori’s Discord to vote for your meme. To get your meme to be the most community-favorite, surely you should share your meme everywhere, especially in Mochi Mori community. Below is the Mochi Mori Telegram group chat, the best place where you can share your magnum opus:

Mori Make-a-Meme will start on 7th August and end on 17th August!

Notice: A person can submit more than 1 time. For example a meme maker makes 2 memes, he/she needs to post 2 meme tweets & post in Discord sub-channel 2 times (the meme+ the meme tweet each time)

How to vote for Mori memes in Discord sub-channel #meme-contest?

It’s easy. You can just join the sub-channel via and drop your reaction of any kind (thumbs up, heart, clap, etc) on the memes you like.

What is Mochi Mori Land NFT?

Compared to Mochi Mori Seed NFT, it’s a totally different type. And it’s also more powerful and scarce. To start playing Mochi Mori game, you will need both Seed NFTs and Land NFTs firsthand. You can get Seed NFTs from airdrop but for Land NFTs, you need to actually buy it on Mochi Market’s Marketplace.

That’s why the rewards of Mori Make-a-Meme are the most valuable rewards so far for Mochians. You don’t need to wait for the first primary sale of Mori Land NFTs to be opened then compete with others to buy Land NFTs; you can get Lands now from Mori Make-a-Meme.

How is Mori Make-a-Meme different compared to Mori Telegram engagement contest?

For Mori Telegram engagement contest, you will need to spend your time consistently in 10 days to be one of 10 winners. The contest will take you the constant efforts in a specific period of time.

For Mori Make-a-Meme, as long as you are a creative meme maker, or you think you are humorous enough to create great memes, you can be confident that you have a chance to be the winner and earn Mori Land NFTs and even $MOMA token. Do use your creativity to make something that can win others over and that’s it.

About Mochi Mori Game

Mochi Mori Game is the 3rd member of Mochi ecosystem. It’s a play-to-earn-and-relax game in which you can grow trees, protect our environment, save our planet and earn rewards.


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