Mori ‘Let’s Chat’: 10 most-engaged members of Mori Telegram receive $2000 private sale allocations

After the launch of the article ‘The new birth of Mochi Mori as an emerging play-to-earn project in NFT gaming sector, Mochi Mori has received huge interest from the Play-to-Earn community. There were thousands of folks flocking into Mochi Mori Telegram and Discord.

You guys are all early supporters of Mochi Mori, so we would like to give you presents which will be the rewards of the Mori ‘Let’s Chat’ Contest.

We’re looking for an active community where people talk to and support each other nicely and actively. So, what you can do is to talk to others, show your knowledge about and interests in Mochi Mori. Quality convos are what defines a quality community group.

And we’ll reward you if you are among the most outstandingly engaged members with quality chats of Mori Telegram Community.

We will reward 10 $200-worth private sale allocations for 10 most-engaged quality members of Mochi Mori Telegram group.

In a nutshell, the contest is simple as: ‘you being active in Mochi Mori Telegram group chat and you will get allocations in Mochi Mori private sale’. We encourage you to start off by joining Mochi Mori Telegram Group (if you haven’t), then dropping your first messages, answering other’s questions, and keep doing it in 1 month. The private sale of Mochi Mori will also open in the next 1 month.

Mochi Mori’s Mission

Imagine a world where the green of trees, gardens, and forests is reserved. Sure, this is not the current situation of the Mori Kingdom, but it will surely be, if we stick to the mission and fight together. In fact, the mission of Mochi Mori Kingdom is to be ‘the green lung of our Earth’.

Mochi Mori’s vision

  • The more green there is within the kingdom, the better it is for all
  • A kingdom full of environmentally conscious citizens
  • A kingdom with a healthy and relaxing virtual environment
  • A place where environment and economic prosperity goes together hand in hand, acting as a way to provide economic incentives

The private sale of Mochi Mori

As stated in this article, Mochi Mori will have its own backers in the private sale and its own IDO/IEO. Following the launch of Mochi Mori’s greenpaper this week, we will launch $MORI’s tokenomics within August. After that, raising fund rounds will start.

We are planning to start running the private sale round for Mochi Mori in September and the allocation of this round will be reserved for institutional investors mostly.

We only reserve a small allocation for retail investors and this Mori ‘Let’s Chat’ Contest is one of the ways we choose to distribute this private sale community allocation.

How do we pick 10 winners?

An engaged member always goes with the quantity (number of messages he/she drops) and quality (how meaningful/insightful/helpful his/her messages are) in his/her chats. So we will check out both ‘quantity’ and ‘quality’ of your chats.

For quantity, we will use Combot tool to track top 10 community members who chat the most in the group chat in the time from August 17 to September 16. Below is the example when we apply Combot for our Mochi Market group. It gives a good example of how we would track the total messages sent by all members of the group.

For quality, we will go through all of your messages in Mori Telegram group and read them to make sure that 10 winners have the best convos compared to others.

When will the contest end?

September 16. And your messages will be recorded from today, August 17. The messages you dropped in the Mori group chat before August 17 won’t be counted in.

Notice that: Mori ‘Let’s Chat’ and Mochi Telegram Engagement Contest (which ended on August 15) are 2 different contests. If you are the winner of Mochi Telegram Engagement Contest, you can still join Mori ‘Let’s Chat

About Mochi Mori Game

Mochi Mori Game is the 3rd member of Mochi ecosystem. It’s a play-to-earn-and-relax game in which you can grow trees, protect our environment, save our planet and earn rewards.



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