Mori Engagement Contest: Chat more in Mori Telegram group and earn 10 Mori Land NFTs

After joining Mochi Mori community, which things can you do? We’re looking for an active community where people talk to and support each other nicely and actively. So, what you can do is to talk to others, show your knowledge about and interests in Mochi & Mori, and discuss the about-to-be-launched game. Quality convos are what defines a quality community group.

And we’ll reward you if you are among the most outstandingly engaged members of Mori Telegram Community.

Meet Mori Telegram Engagement Contest — Chat, support others, show your interests in Mochi Mori Telegram Group chat, and be rewarded 10 Mochi Mori Land NFTs

In a nutshell, the contest is simple as: ‘you being active in Mochi Mori Telegram group chat and you will get what you deserve’. We encourage you to start off by joining Mochi Mori Telegram Group (if you haven’t), then dropping your first messages, answering other’s questions, and keep doing it for the next 10 days — your winner slots will be surely secured.

👉 Don’t forget to register in the gleam link:

What is Mochi Mori Land NFT?

Compared to Mochi Mori Seed NFT, it’s a totally different type. And it’s also more powerful and scarce. To start playing Mochi Mori game, you will need both Seed NFTs and Land NFTs firsthand. You can get Seed NFTs from airdrop events like the Seed NFT giveaway but for Land NFTs, you need to actually buy it on Mochi Market’s Marketplace.

That’s why the Mori Telegram Engagement Contest is the community competition with the most valuable rewards so far since we announced the release of Mochi Mori game. You don’t need to wait for the first primary sale of Mori Land NFTs to be opened then compete with others to buy Land NFTs; you can get Lands now from this contest.

How are 10 Mochi Mori Land NFTs distributed?

It will be distributed equally among the 10 most-engaged community members of Mochi Mori Telegram group chat. An engaged member always goes with the quantity (number of messages he/she drops) and quality (how meaningful/insightful/helpful his/her messages are) in his/her chats.

For quantity, we will use Combot tool to track top 10 community members who chat the most in the group chat in the time from Mori Group chat was created to August 15. Below is the example when we apply Combot for our Mochi Market group. It gives a good example on how we would track the total messages sent by all members of the group.

For quality, we will go through all of your messages in Mori Telegram group and read them to make sure that 10 winners have the best convos compared to others.

When will the contest end?

August 15. And your messages will be recorded from the time Mori Telegram group was created and the end date of the contest. If you haven’t chatted much in our group, go doing it now and keep doing it even more.

About Mochi Mori Game

Mochi Mori Game is the 3rd member of Mochi ecosystem. It’s a play-to-earn-and-relax game in which you can grow trees, protect our environment, save our planet and earn rewards.


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