MochiLab’s team restructuring

Dear $MOMA holders, Mochi Market and Mochi Mori community,

As you know, MochiLab has been created since April 2021 as an incubator focusing on supporting projects in the growing blockchain gaming sector. We have proven our ability to incubate projects via the recent success of Wanaka Farm case, in which the play-to-earn project was launched smoothly with many users staying in the line waiting to play the game and the 100x-ROI for the investors betting their beliefs in Wanaka Farm.

We now have 2 projects under our control, Mochi Market and Mochi Mori. The established Mochi Market is MochiLab’s first success in incubating work; the project was launched smoothly and now is running a working multi-chain NFT marketplace with real users & tractions on Binance Smart Chain & Polygon. The other Mochi Mori is a newly-born project which has attracted huge attention from the global crypto community with more than 7K active members in Telegram and 22K people following the Twitter page.even though the detailed info of the game hasn’t been launched yet.

At MochiLab, we always want all the projects we support to gain huge success. The achievements Mochi Market & Mochi Mori have earned so far are extremely encouraging but to get the 2 to be in the list of top-notch crypto projects, both need the focused managerial & product-development resources. At the moment, the MochiLab’s team is playing the role of the managing team in both Mochi Market and Mochi Mori. After a long period of time of considering all the possible ways to restructure resources poured into 2 projects, we have come up with the idea of team restructuring.

To be specific, MochiLab’s current resources will be split up separately into 2 projects Mochi Market & Mochi Mori. Mochi Market will still be owned & controlled by MochiLab while Mochi Mori will be taken over and developed by a new entity named M2 Games, a blockchain gaming incubator and advisory firm. Mochi Mori will also have its own team who is independent from MochiLab. Sophia Ha Ho will step down as MochiLab’s CEO and she will join Mochi Mori to lead & advise the managing team of the play-to-earn game. In the meantime, Kevin Do, the current CTO of Mochi Market & MochiLab, will take over the role of MochiLab’s CEO.

Please be noted that this decision is the result of a well-thought-out team restructuring process with the ultimate purpose of focusing our resources in one single project at a time instead of having multiple ones at once. We do believe that as the 2 independent projects & running teams, both Mochi Market & Mochi Mori can run faster in their races and obtain great accomplishments in the near future.

From the Mochi Market side, a managing team who laser-focuses on only $MOMA can work out on new use cases for the token including the new version Mochi Market 2.0 allowing for a number of new features that would use $MOMA as the fuel. From the Mochi Mori side, the brand new managing team with their concentrated resources can really find their own ways to develop play-to-earn game features and then roll them out to the market for testing. From our perspective, splitting the team into 2 smaller yet leaner and more effective teams is the best way to ensure instant strategy decision making & executing and the fast product shipping in both projects.

Since Mochi Market & Mochi Mori now operate separately, the Mochi Mori’s profit sharing program for $MOMA holders won’t be valid anymore. However, as for other cross- benefits that the users of 2 products can have, which were mentioned in our article ‘The new birth of Mochi Mori’, we will still secure the right to join Mochi Mori’s Token Genesis Event for all $MOMA holders. All the qualified $MOMA holders will be reserved the rights to participate in $MORI token sales; their allocations will be proportionally to the amount of $MOMA they hold.

Mochi Mori and Mochi Market roadmaps will also be adjusted accordingly to reflect the new resources dedicated for each project. Both teams will make official annoucements regarding the new roadmaps in the coming weeks.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to a new exciting journey of Mochi Mori and Mochi Market with you all.

From the MochiLab team with gratitude!



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