Mochi X Cometh : The Polygon Galactic Grand Prix

We are super excited to announce our partnership with Cometh a DeFi powered space game with yield generating NFTs (spaceships) on Ethereum and Polygon .Get spaceships, explore the galaxy and earn tokens. More than just a game, Cometh is above all a hybrid community between DeFi power users and skilled gamers. Five months after going live on Polygon, Cometh’s DeFi and Gaming applications drove unprecedented traction , Their ERC-721 and ERC-1155 Spaceship NFTs will be listed on Mochi Market shortly. we are rapidly improving Mochi.Market , adding new features to cater to the needs of NFT Games, and continuously working towards providing our users with an amazing user experience.

For this partnership, a giveaway has been planned for our great $MoMa Holders who have a minimum of 1000 $MOMA . Each of the 100 lucky winners will get a M.U.L.E Starter Kit ( SpaceShip NFT + 1 MATIC + 0.07 $MUST) + An entry ticket for The Polygon Galactic Grand Prix

To Participate:

  1. Open this Gleam Link and Complete all tasks.

2. You Must have a minimum of 1000 $MOMA in your wallet, $MOMA in staking/Farming will also be counted.

The winners will be provided with Coupon Codes to Claim their Reward

How To Claim :

  • Use your code at to redeem your Starter Kit
  • Click on connect your Metamask Wallet, if you don’t have one, sign in with an email
  • Enter your code into the ‘’Use third party code’’ section
  • Click on ‘’CLAIM’’, Wait until the transaction is successful ( if you don't have Matic use to get some free Matic )
  • Click on ‘’PLAY’’

If you have any questions on Cometh’s M.U.L.E Starter Kit, kindly reach out to Cometh on Discord or Telegram.

To Learn More about The Polygon Galactic Grand Prix Click Here .

About Mochi.Market

Mochi.Market is a multi-chain and decentralized ecosystem for non-fungible tokens. Mochi.Market will be releasing a variety of applications to cater to the needs of the NFT community in a decentralized way, offering more security and usability to our NFT platform users.

Mochi.Market currently focuses on three key issues holding back the NFT space, lack of a strong monetization strategy for NFT holders, lack of liquidity experienced with the NFT market, and how to bring value to the NFT economy through cross-chain access and usage between fungible and non-fungible tokens. Mochi.Market is building an NFT marketplace accessible to all, bringing more power to NFT stakeholders and more ways for them to leverage and capitalize on their NFTs.

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