Mochi Mori Seed NFT Giveaway: Biggest giveaway with biggest NFT rewards ever for Mochis & Moris

Mochi Mori is in full swing although the game hasn’t been launched yet. We want to attract as many would-be Mochi Mori users as possible in the pre-launching period as the release of our 2nd play-to-earn game will be one of the most important events of Mochi ecosystem in Q3.

That’s why now is the prime time to roll out a big giveaway event to acquire big influxes of users to be onboarded at Mochi Mori game. We’re utmostly excited to launch the Mochi Mori Seed NFT Giveaway in which 1500 Mochi Mori Seed NFTs will be given out to Mochis & Moris totally for free.

You’ve heard it right. This is the biggest giveaway ever since we announced the new member of Mochi ecosystem.

What’s more? Being lucky won’t be the only way to get rewarded because a part of 1500 Mori NFTs will be distributed in the First-come-first-serve manner. Hurry it up, open the gleam link belowr👇, finish all tasks, and the chance to get Mori Seed NFTs is clearer than ever before 👇

What is Mochi Mori Seed NFTs?

Mochi Mori Seed NFT is one of the 2 most important types of NFT in Mochi Mori Game (another is Mochi Mori Land NFTs). To start the game, gamers need to have both Seed NFTs and Land NFTs. So, if you are one of 1500 giveaway winners, you actually are having in your hand an advantage even when the deployment of Mochi Mori hasn’t finished yet. Seed NFTs can be the start of your journey at Mochi Mori.

Mochi Mori Seed NFT can start your journey at Mochi Mori game

Wanted tasks

They’re…simple. Just follow & join Mochi & Mori page & community and you’re good to go. In specific, you need to go through 6 small tasks below:

Submit your result in the gleam link:

How are 1500 Seed NFTs distributed?

The first 1000 Seed NFTs will be distributed in the First-Come-First-Serve manner

It means if you take the opportunity right when this article is out, do all the tasks, and fill in the gleam link, your winner slots will be surely secured!

The rest 500 Seed NFTs will be given to the lucky ones (applied when the 1001st giveaway participant joins)

From the time the 1001st giveaway participant joins the program, we will choose the winners based on their luck. The gleam link will be open until the end date (13th August) and we will pick randomly 500 people in all participants except the first 1000 (from 1001st participants to the last participants joining the program). 500 Seed NFTs will be airdropped to these 500 lucky participants.

Referral rewards

There will be a reward of $200 for participants who can refer the largest number of friends to join Seed NFT airdrop. So refer more friends and you get even more rewards!

  • $100 for the winner in the largest number of referrals
  • $50 for the 2 runner-ups in the largest number of referrals

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