Mochi.Market’s $MOMA Token Sale on DAO Maker’s DAO Pad — 23rd April

Greetings fellow Mochis!

Mochi.Market is excited to announce the launch of the $MOMA token public sale via SHO (Strong Holders Offering) on DAO Maker’s DAO Pad.

Caution: Be aware of the potential of fake tokens claiming to be Mochi.Market and/or $MOMA floating around. Do NOT attempt to search for $MOMA or buy $MOMA before an official listing announcement. As of the time of this article being published, we have not announced our token contract address.

Token Details

Token Symbol : MOMA

Total Supply : 100,000,000

1 $MOMA : 0.10 USDT

Official $MOMA token contract address will be disclosed closer to Uniswap listing via our Medium channel.

Ways to participate in the token sale

Community Round (Non-DAO Holders)

50 Winners

Allocation size per winner: $100 USDC

Merit Round (DAO Holders — SHO)

Sale size $95,000

200 Winners

Allocation size per winner: $500 USDC

SHO Merit Round Timeline

Registration starts : 23rd April 2021, 12:00PM UTC

Registration ends : 24th April 2021, 12:00PM UTC

Winners Announcement : 24th April 2021, until 6:00PM UTC

SHO Participation Details

You are required to register an account at and pass your KYC prior to commencement of the registration.

To learn more on how to participate, please refer to the following guideline:

Uniswap Listing

Upon completion of our token sale on DAO Pad, we will list $MOMA token on Uniswap. Please stay tuned on our official channels for the most up to date information and token contract address, as well as the Uniswap listing time.

Let’s go get some Mochi ($MOMA)! :)

We would love to welcome as many participants, especially our community to partake in this sale. Although everyone would be welcomed, we would also take steps to prevent non-real users/holders from front running. Let the MOMA hunt begins! :).

About Mochi.Market


Mochi.Market envisions to be the multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (“NFT”).


We aim to accelerate the growth and adoption of NFT to solve real-world problems by offering practical and innovative solutions, which bring NFTs to the masses.


Mochi.Market is a fully-decentralized multi-chain NFT exchange ecosystem. The Mochi.Market will be launched initially on Binance Smart Chain (“BSC”), followed by other chains such as Harmony, Solana, Ethereum, Polkadot,Cosmos, Near, and popular layer 2 protocols

Mochi.Market is the first product of — a team dedicated to developing practical and innovative technological solutions to enable a seamless web3 NFT economy

Learn more about Mochi Market

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | Discord

Uniswap Listing

Token Address

Front running prevention



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