Mochi.Market Web Launch

After 40 days of preparation, planning, and execution, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Mochi.Market website. Although our applications are not yet ready to go (they will be available to view soon, before our main-net launch), the release of our official website will provide our followers and potential stakeholders with everything they need to know about Mochi.Market. Following this launch, we are one step closer to introducing our all-inclusive NFT trading platform to the world.

Bringing All Aspects of NFT Trading to One Place

When you enter the Mochi.Market website, we plaster our heading, as we need to show everyone exactly what we are working to provide. Mochi.Market’s release will introduce a decentralized, cross-chain NFT exchange ecosystem like the blockchain industry has never seen.

When you scroll down our website, getting deeper into the Mochi.Market universe, you will find our different social channels, a descriptor on the problems with the current NFT market, how Mochi.Market plans to solve them, background on our $MOMA token, our roadmap, team, advisors, and partners. We want to be as transparent as possible with our community, so all the information you could possibly need on our up-and-coming project is readily available for all.

Introducing A Variety Of New Features

We are implementing some very sought-after and advanced NFT features that are meant to unlock additional value from NFT ownership in a fully decentralized way. Following our token generation event and throughout the rest of 2021, we are focusing on launching the Mochi Marketplace and Mochi Earn platforms, the release of our decentralized NFT exchange, and introducing our NFT launchpad. Each of these platforms has its own innovative twists and features, such as the introduction of NFT automated market making on our decentralized exchange. We will be working hard to make sure everything is ready to go in time.

No longer will the NFT marketplace experience lack of usability across different platforms, as with Mochi.Market, you can handle pretty much all of your NFT operations in a single platform. Even just starting with our Mochi Marketplace, any user will be able to easily buy, sell, trade, discover, lend, and borrow NFTs cross-chain, all through peer-to-peer transactions. We are taking the power away from the centralized bodies that are trying to monopolize the NFT industry and bringing it to our users, creating a framework of value generation for our user base.

With the official web launch of Mochi.Market, we can feel the innumerable hours we spent on this project beginning to come to fruition. Although we still have a very long way to go before full integration of the Mochi.Market in the Defi economy, we feel very strongly about our starting point. We plan on making our mark within the NFT industry, and we are finally ready to share our project and ideas with the world.

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