Mochi.Market Is Proud To Announce Our Partnership With Raptor Capital

The Mochi.Market team is honored to announce our strategic partnership with Raptor Capital, an investment and advisory service firm that assists blockchain start-ups to garner its foothold in Vietnam. They are extremely active and influential within the Vietnamese blockchain community, where it’s said to be the Blockchain Hub of Southeast Asia.

Raptor Capital’s mission is to fuel the most innovative and disruptive start-ups into the most established heavy-hitter project within the crypto space. Their team is comprised of marketing experts with years of experience and proven track record within the blockchain space. Raptor Capital has agreed to introduce Mochi.Market to their community, provide marketing support, and provide press releases in Vietnamese.

We believe that with Raptor Capital’s marketing propulsion, this will create greater market awareness of our Ecosystem of Products and bring us closer to our vision of Mochi.Market being the one stop location for everyone’s Defi and NFT needs.

About Mochi.Market

Mochi.Market is a multi-chain and decentralized ecosystem for non-fungible tokens. Mochi.Market will be releasing a variety of applications to cater to the needs of the NFT community in a decentralized way, offering more security and usability to our NFT platform users.

Mochi.Market currently focuses on three key issues holding back the NFT space, lack of a strong monetization strategy for NFT holders, lack of liquidity experienced with the NFT market, and how to bring value to the NFT economy through cross-chain access and usage between fungible and non-fungible tokens. Mochi.Market is building an NFT marketplace accessible to all, bringing more power to NFT stakeholders and more ways for them to leverage and capitalize on their NFTs.

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About Raptor Capital

Raptor Capital is a large and influential Vietnamese venture capital firm. They offer both investment and advisory services to help blockchain start-ups flourish. Their team is comprised of marketing experts with years of experience and a proven track record in the blockchain space.

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Mochi.Market is the multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem for NFTs