We’re proud to introduce the first regular MOMA event: MOMA Lottery.

All of you, MOMA holders, farmers, stakers, buyers and sellers, will be auto included.

This week 20 people will win 1000 MOMA each!! Your winning rate depends on the number of tickets you collect.

How to gain tickets?

Step 1: You will get 1 per 1000 MOMA held (staked + in lp + claimable + harvestable + locked farm reward) — use https://tools.mochi.market/ to check your holdings

Step 2: You will get 1 per 1000 MOMA worth of sales/buys of featured NFTs (example: 2 buys for 500 MOMA and one sell for 1000 equals 2 chances)

Step 3: You will get 10 per each MOCHI SUPERHERO COLLECTION NFT held https://app.mochi.market/collection/56/0x57a2422fd8997424ebcfd8777d2b71e4bb5d8e9c

You can just hold, but you can also sell/buy NFTs: Kryptomon, Dragon Warriors, and other featured collections.

Each ticket gives you a bigger odds to be one of the winners of 1000 MOMA.

For example: if you have 100 tickets, and there are 1000 tickets in total among participants, you will have a 100/1000 chance of winning (10%)

Additional rules

  • One address can only win once per week.
  • Only the MOMA in BSC and MATIC networks will be counted.
  • The chance counter will reset each week.
  • The event will be hosted each week until canceled.
  • For MOMA holdings and MOCHI Superheroes collections: a snapshot will be taken at a random point of the week.

We plan to add some extra rewards, but when and what: this is yet to be decided. Await further news soon!

For the first week, we’re going to start the event time frame from 00:00 UTC Oct 14, 2021. And all the trades that will happen until 24.10.2021 23:59:59 UTC will be counted for tickets. We will announce more details next week!!

Hold your MOMA strong Mochians!

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