Join the upcoming Mochi Tea Party and enjoy a total of 3000 MOMA snacks!

3 min readMay 16, 2021

Hey Mochis! You are all invited to a lovely 5-day Tea Party hosted by Coin98 Wallet and Mochi.Market. There will be tea, Pancakes, and of course, a full table of Mochi’s to satisfy your sweet tooth. Be there or be square!

Event details

  • Total prize: 3000 MOMA
  • Duration: From 15th May 2021, 1PM UTC till 21st May 2021, 1PM UTC

Rewards distribution

  • 1st Prize pool — 1500 MOMA will be evenly distributed to 10 random lucky wallets that joined the party.
  • 2nd Prize pool — 1500 MOMA will be evenly distributed to 5 random lucky wallets that hold at least 300 MOMA.

How to participate?

Click this bot to enter to the party:

  • Follow Mochi.Market & Coin98 wallet on Twitter.
  • Like the Announcement post & tag 3 friends.
  • Subscribe to Mochi’s ANN channels.
  • Complete at least 1 transaction with a minimum of 10 MOMA using PancakeSwap natively on Coin98 Wallet.
  • Hold at least 10 MOMA until the end of the campaign, Coin98 Wallet will take a snapshot at the end of the campaign to make sure that you meet the requirements.

Further instructions on how to use Pancakeswap natively on Coin98 Wallet can be found here.

Terms and Conditions

  • All Coin98 Wallet users over the world can participate in the event.
  • The rewards will be sent to the announced winners via BEP-20 addresses on Coin98 Wallet.
  • The rewards should be distributed within 7 days after the official end date of the event.
  • Coin98 Wallet reserves the right to amend the activity rules or cancel the event.

Start trading now & enjoy some sweet sweet rewards!!

About Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 Wallet is a non-custodial wallet used to store, manage, trade, swap multi-chain, multi-source digital assets. It currently supports all BTC, ETH, TOMO, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polkadot, Kusama, Huobi ECO Chain, Near, Avalanche, Binance Chain, Celo tokens. Coin98 Wallet has both Mobile App and Extension version that acts as a gateway to connect users to the DeFi world.

About Mochi.Market

Mochi.Market is a multi-chain and decentralized ecosystem for non-fungible tokens. Mochi.Market will be releasing a variety of applications to cater to the needs of the NFT community in a decentralized way, offering more security and usability to our NFT platform users.

Mochi.Market currently focuses on three key issues that is holding back the NFT space; lack of a strong monetization strategy for NFT holders; lack of liquidity experienced with the NFT market; how to bring value to the NFT economy through cross-chain access and usage between fungible and non-fungible tokens. Mochi.Market is building an NFT marketplace accessible to all, bringing more power to NFT stakeholders and more ways for them to leverage and capitalize on their NFTs.

Learn more about Mochi.Market:
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Mochi.Market is the multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem for NFTs