Introducing Mochi.Market

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The Mochi.Market team is ready to take our project to the next level- to introduce ourselves to our community, partners, and investors, after weeks of working tirelessly to get our first product ready for the launch.

Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled to see the vast interest and growing attention of our community and partners for our project, our vision, and our value.

The MochiLab Team

Mochi.Market is the first product of The MochiLab Team- a team dedicated to developing practical and innovative technological solutions to enable a seamless web3 NFT economy. The MochiLab team is a dedicated team of passionate innovators, researchers, and builders who are committed to bringing product-market-fit solutions to foster the growth of NFT economy

Our team combines strong blockchain research and technical know-how with pragmatic business acumen. We have won numerous awards and prizes from various blockchain hackathons, to name a few: Chainlink Hackathon, Defi & Cross-Border Finance, OP Game Hackathon, Blockstack — Clarity Hackathon, etc, and most recently Binance Hackathon- the future is now. A full list of hackathon awards and team profiles can be found at the end of the document.

The current product has won the third prize in the Binance Hackathon in late February 2021

Our Vision

Mochi.Market envisions to be a decentralized exchange protocol for NFTs.

The NFT token market is experiencing similar liquidity challenges as the fungible tokens in earlier stages. With the exponential growth of NFTs, new NFTs and NFT marketplaces will join the industry. However, providing liquidity for those new tokens will remain a bigger challenge given the unique characteristics of NFTs which makes it more difficult to interact with other platforms and networks.

How will Mochi.Market tackle the NFT industry challenges?

Mochi.Market starts out as a cross-chain NFT marketplace with advanced swap features enabling users to mint, sell, swap their NFTs easily. Mochi.Market enables creators and game developers to monetize their talents and creativity without any sophisticated technical knowledge. Over time, we will evolve into the Uniswap for NFTs, being a decentralized exchange protocol to provide liquidity for NFTs and other NFT marketplaces. Mochi.Market will be an NFT decentralized autonomous protocol that any NFT, NFT marketplace can interact with.

Our launch

Mochi.Market will launch our first product- a marketplace being built in Binance Smart Chain- the product that won the third prize in the Binance Hackathon- The future is now. We will build on other chains to realize our vision as a cross-chain platform. The next product will be on Harmony protocol. We also won an award from Harmony protocol and have started with the development as of 17 Mar 2021.

The MOCHI token

MOCHI token is the native governance token of the fully-decentralized NFT marketplace- Mochi.Market.

MOCHI token is designed to incentivize the active participation of the Mochi.Market ecosystem participants to ensure that all take part in the future development of the platform. MOCHI token is created to give Mochi users and ecosystem partners the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation in the Mochi ecosystem.

The ultimate purpose of the MOCHI token is to enable a fair, decentralized, autonomous NFT protocol.

The MOCHI token is also a utility token for the marketplace and the decentralized exchange protocol.

How can you partner with us, and participate in Mochi.Market ecosystem

The Mochi.Market welcomes all ecosystem partners to collaborate with us to foster the growth of the NFT economy. Our ecosystem participants will include but not be limited to:

  • Other marketplaces and other blockchain networks and projects
  • Creators, game developers, and game studios
  • NFT Users and community, liquidity providers, yield gamers

Any idea and suggestions about the potential partnerships can be sent to:


Or our admin team in the Telegram group:

The next steps

We will kickstart our marketing and community-building campaigns on Telegram and Twitter. Make sure you follow our channels to learn more about our upcoming exciting community lottery, quiz, airdrops, and the attractive Mochi Ambassadors program for Creators and Game developers.

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Team achievements


  • Certified Smart Contract Developer™
  • Certified Blockchain Architect™
  • Certified Blockchain Expert™
  • Certified Blockchain Developer™
  • Certified Quorum Developer
  • Certified Corda Developer (CCD)

Mochi.Market is the multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem for NFTs